Batt-man's DashBoard XL, Advanced device for electric bicycles and electric scooter

Batt-man digital dashboard XL

An advanced fuel gauge.

First data screen display of batt-man PRO


  • Maximum continuous current - 70A

  • Maximum momentary current - 160A (for less than 5 seconds)

  • Maximum voltage - 100V

  • Maximum amp hour - 65.000Ah

  • Maximum watt hour - 6500.0Wh

  • Blue backlight for night vision

  • USB interface

  • Main screen

    Batt-man digital dashboard has 3 screens:

    Main screen

    • Speedometer- displays speed in the desired measurement units (km/h, mph).

    • Trip odometer- displays driving distance since it was last reset.

    • Graphical fuel gauge- a visual way to indicate how much battery power is left.

    Main screen

    Battery meter screen

    • Current- displays the instantaneous Amperes flowing in the system.

    • Voltage- displays battery voltage.

    • Discharge- displays the accumulated Amp-hours drawn since it was last reset.

    • Power- displays the instantaneous power of the system. (* when there is no current this field shows Wh).

    Main screen

    Peak data screen

    • Max Amps- displays the maximum recorded Amps.

    • Min Voltage- displays the minimum measured battery voltage.

    • Top speed- displays the maximum recorded speed.

    • Max Watts- displays the maximum recorded power.


    Peak data screen

    Batt-man digital dashboard XL GUI(Graphical user interface)

    Batt-man digital dashboard XL manual

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